Structure of the company established in 1991. From 1991 to 2015, the company continued its business under different names. In 2015, Nunteknik Inc. was established.

By specializing in steel construction erection and gaining a great deal of experiences in construction projects of factories, plants, bascule and suspension bridges during the past 30 years, Nunteknik has become a recognized company in its sector.

Nunteknik continues to serve its customers in the sector by relying on its human resources, engineers and technical teams who experienced in specifical and large-scale international projects.

As a contracting company, Nunteknik prioritizes keeping promises, completing the work on time and ensuring one-to-one customer relations. Philosophy that guides Nunteknik’s business approach is based on this statement: “The one whose two days are same/equal, he or she is in loss.” Therefore, Nunteknik is working for continuous progression and development by taking into account the perception that triggers innovations, personal and corporate development.


Customer Relations

Nunteknik believes that the most distinctive competition advantage of the company is ensured by developing unproblematic customer relations. Nunteknik knows that its main business is service, which requires maintaining one-to-one relationship with customers. Therefore, “zero problem policy” is one of the most important approaches that shapes Nunteknik’s customer relations.


Nunteknik believes that for sustainable development, ensuring quality oriented management, customer satisfaction and continuous progression are necessities. Therefore, the company is striving to have international quality standards at the earliest.

Health, Safety and Environment

Nunteknik handles projects at the core of “human”. However, it also considers living-nonliving nature which constitutes our environment. Nunteknik believes that nature has a right upon us and as a living creatures on the earth, we should be respectful to nature by all means.

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