Repairement of Galata Bridge

Project Details
ContractorSTFA & Thyssen Consortium
Tonnage600 ton
Project Period32 month
Completion Date2001
LocationIstanbul, Turkiye

Project Brief

  • Load transferring of bascule bridge’s four wings to steel carrying platforms temporarily done within caisson
  • After completing the work, dismantling these platforms and transferring load to bridge, and commissioning the system

Galata Bridge could not be open for two years due to a breakdown on the bridge. Our company (at that time under the name of Nessac Ltd.) handled the repairement project. Now bridge wings are still working without any problem.

Aim of the Project; to cut and dismantle tearing parts on the main carrying steels of bridge wings, to replace with new steels and do welding works, to update hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems in accordance with new system and do commissioning.

Four bascule bridge wing, which are approx. 1500 ton per wing, were repaired. For renewal, 600 ton steel was used.