• Nunteknik is aware of the importance of engineering process before starting any contracting projects. Therefore, it produces thorough projects to ensure working without problems. In detail, by using softwares like Autocad and Tekla Structures, manufacturing drawings are generated and submitted to customer for approval. After confirmation of the drawings by customer, drawings are sent to factory and manufacturing is done accordingly.
  • Every projects which Nunteknik handles, requires different erection method. By using SAP2000 software, required subsidiary systems like platforms and scaffoldings are analyzed statically and preparead reports are submitted to customer. After approval of customer, manufacturing drawings are generated and manufacturing is done accordingly.


  • Nunteknik has been in steel sector for about 30 years. By relying on the “business connections” that have been made during this period enables Nunteknik to work with the factories which providing optimum services and qualified manufacturing. Nunteknik works with the capacity of more than 1500 ton steel manufacturing work in one shift per month.
  • In order to ensure perfect manufacturing which is in line with the required technical standards of project, experienced and qualified staff of Nunteknik inspects the manufacturing process in factory before delivery of materials to construction site.


  • Steel erection is the main profession of Nunteknik. In addition to its own professional and qualified team, in regard to workforce need of project, Nunteknik works with subcontracted erector teams to complete project in due time. Based upon its flexible organisation structure, Nunteknik is easily able to adapt specific projects.
  • Working in accordance with safety and technical standards is one of the most important priority of Nunteknik, which has become the essential of its business approach.
  • Nunteknik is one of exceptional companies in Turkey which uses turn-of-nut method in its projects. Nunteknik do steel erection with its erectors who are certified from Turk Loydu and MEB.